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Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself and his family; teach a women the skills to build a small business and she can lift her family out of poverty.



Empowering Women through the Women's Income Connection

The Women's Income Connection goes beyond just providing training in small business management to its candidates. It offers a comprehensive program that equips women with the necessary skills and financial resources to establish their own businesses. However, the Connection is much more than skills training; it fosters meaningful connections, builds both business and personal relationships, boosts self-confidence, and enhances women's autonomy.

Working in collaboration with the local Women's Union, members of the Connection engage in sharing personal stories and experiences throughout their journey in the program. These connections play a pivotal role in increasing the success rates of women when they embark on their entrepreneurial ventures.

As a result, a vibrant community of women emerges, ready to invest emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially in shaping a brighter future for their families. The positive impacts go beyond the immediate beneficiaries, as women also share their knowledge and skills with others. Moreover, engaged women actively invest in their communities, becoming powerful agents of inspiration and change. This transformation from within serves as a catalyst for community development and progress.

Women taking the lead

Report on the results of the 2023 WIC 

Discover the Women’s Income Connection (WIC) Project in Ba Vi district, Hanoi, where we're empowering women facing tough circumstances. Over three months in 2023, we equipped them with essential skills in green chicken farming and financial management. Through a baseline survey, training sessions, and support, we aimed to elevate their lives.

In the heart of the project, women learned sustainable chicken farming and practical financial management. They received hands-on training and resources to kickstart their new ventures. The impact? Improved income, healthier families, and more confident women ready to face the world.

For a deeper dive into our transformative project, read the full project overview.

Report on the results of the 2023 WIC


You can become an Impact Partner with an investment of just $240 ($20 monthly). By becoming an Impact Partner, you can directly contribute to the Women's Income Connection and make a tangible difference in the lives of women. With your generous donation, we can provide a woman with a grant to start her own business, empowering her to become self-reliant and create a sustainable source of income. Your support not only transforms individual lives but also has a ripple effect, positively impacting families and communities. Join us as an Impact Partner and be a catalyst for change.




It has been two years since Mrs. Keo completed her training at HSCV. As an elderly single mother raising a school-age son, the family's financial situation was grim, owning only a solitary cow they rented for plowing fields. After participating in two training courses on effective income generation and business management, Keo was able to improve her situation by cultivating a fruit tree orchard and farming bean sprouts. Keo's small family has experienced very positive life changes as a result of the income generated by her efforts.


"I am very happy to receive this help from HSCV and to have had the opportunity to participate in the training course. I wish that I’d had these opportunities earlier, but when I attended the training, for the first time I had the right to speak up and ask questions, as well as the opportunity to interact with other women in our community. In addition to the lessons from the trainer, I have received a lot of valuable ideas from my classmates. This was really helpful to me, and I know that not everyone has these opportunities. Since the training sessions, I have successfully used agricultural models to increase my family’s monthly income. I look forward to the next training courses and offer my sincere thanks.” Ms. Keo.

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