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Special thanks to our Partners and Donors who play an integral role in our work. Their assistance comes through funding, capacity building and direct project support, all of which are crucial in our success.

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The Right Hands has been partnering with HSCV since 2016. With a focus on children and families, they have been great supporters of our Family Assistance Program and have invested in School Support projects. The Right Hands also provides support to the Blossom Program through funding and cultural exchanges.

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Abhe & Svoboda, Inc. has been investing in HSCV's programs since our inception. Their funding has been vital to program development, implementation and operations.

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Free Wheelchair Mission is an amazing US-based organization that raises funds to build and ship wheelchairs to developing countries around the world. HSCV is FWM’s partner in Northern Vietnam. We have been proudly working side by side since 2006.

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100 Friends began supporting HSCV projects in 2006. The network of friends has supported several of our programs throughout the years. This includes building homes, providing numerous scholarships, family support, funding for the wheelchair program and the Blossom House for girls.


Students at Hanoi International School actively support various HSCV activities. We are thankful for their passion for helping those in their community.


UNIS students and teachers have been long time supporters of a wide range projects, including the Blossom Program, family COVID relief, local schools.

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