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Empowering Together

Collaboration at the community level is vital to our mission at HSCV. We believe that community collaboration and involvement are key to achieving meaningful and lasting change. Through our Community Investment program, we support a variety of community-based projects that aim to uplift and empower local communities. Our initiatives include investing in schools, building community-based clubs, supporting women's unions, and investing in community learning centers and village meeting halls.


Investing in classrooms


Building brighter futures

HSCV's School Support initiative aims to transform the educational landscape in rural Vietnam. Since 2003, we have connected numerous schools, providing them with much-needed resources and support. Through generous donations, we have been able to install essential facilities like a kitchen and a vibrant library, stocked with a wide variety of books. These additions have resulted in remarkable improvements in attendance and academic achievement among the students. The schools are now working towards implementing a mobile library to ensure greater educational access for children throughout the village.

Our Sister School Program enables donors to directly connect with schools and students through various means like photos, letters, and videos. In some cases, donors even have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam, personally presenting their donations and volunteering their time. All funds raised for schools are invested in their priority areas, making a lasting impact on the students' lives.

HSCV firmly believes that investing in education and empowering communities can create a brighter future for all. We invite you to join us in making a difference through our Community Investment program. Together, we can bring about positive change and empower individuals and communities to thrive.

Legal Training for women


Making Change from within Possible

HSCV's Community Education and Engagement projects are dedicated to bridging gaps within communities by implementing projects tailored to meet their unique needs. We believe in the power of Community Driven Development, collaborating closely with local community leaders to ensure our initiatives have a meaningful and sustainable impact.

One key aspect of our program is investing in local clubs, leadership development, and women's unions. By providing support and resources to these community-based organizations, we empower them to take an active role in driving positive change within their communities.

Creating supportive environments for thriving communities is a priority for us. We renovate and equip community learning centers and village halls, providing comfortable furniture, computers, and even air-conditioning to combat the summer heat. These spaces serve as welcoming hubs for community gatherings, discussions, and capacity-building activities. They promote knowledge sharing, skill development, and foster a strong sense of belonging within the community.

By fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration, we ensure that community members are active participants in shaping their own future.

Investing in students


Interested in contributing to HSCV's Community Investment initiatives? Get in touch with us to discover more. Whether your aim is to enhance a community's capabilities, establish a new school library, or enhance sanitation facilities for students, your involvement matters to us. We are confident in our ability to identify a project that aligns perfectly with your intentions. Our doors are open to individuals, companies, donor organizations, and volunteer groups who share our vision of catalyzing change within Vietnamese communities. Join hands with us to make a meaningful impact.

Playgrounds at kindergartens


We're thrilled to share the positive impact of HSCV's School Investment Program on early education. Two local kindergartens have undergone a remarkable transformation as their playground equipment received a much-needed upgrade. Years of wear and tear, compounded by harsh weather conditions, had taken a toll on the previous equipment. Through our dedicated efforts, we've replaced damaged and unsafe elements, ensuring a secure and enriching play environment for the children.


Safe Play, Bright Futures

We firmly believe that providing safe and age-appropriate playground equipment is vital for the physical and mental development of young children. Beyond the sheer joy of play, these spaces contribute to the growth of their social skills, encourage cooperative activities, and extend their playtime. All of these elements play a significant role in nurturing their holistic development.


Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Our commitment to enhancing early education environments isn't limited to physical well-being; it extends to creating an overall enriching school experience. By investing in playgrounds, we're investing in the future. Our endeavor aims to shape today's children into the confident and capable leaders of tomorrow. Join us in this meaningful journey of empowering the next generation.

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