Empowering people.

Breaking the cycle.


Despite considerable development success, poverty in Vietnam continues to be widespread. Equalizing the gap between income and opportunity, especially in rural areas, remains the biggest challenge for the country’s development as a whole.

At Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam, it’s our mission to provide a future for Vietnamese children living in abject poverty. We provide specialized support through our many programs ensuring these children get proper access to food, education and medicine.

Founded in 2002, HSCV is located in Hanoi. Our diverse programs reach out to children, women and families suffering both within the city and in the provinces surrounding Hanoi. We have a support team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, comprising of our board of directors and working volunteers that actively work on fundraising, marketing and providing direction to the team in Vietnam. Together we aim to bring immediate assistance to children in urgent need of help, but also invest in breaking the persistent cycle of poverty.


In 2001 Chuck De Vet and his daughter Annetta took an “adventure vacation” to Vietnam. After seeing the needs there they decided to start an organization to assist needy children and their families. They learned that although there were plenty of children in need throughout the country, there were far fewer charitable organizations operating in the northern section of the country when compared to the south or central. HSCV was incorporated as a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation in 2002. Since then the team has grown considerably.


HSCV team members have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.  We work in unity towards the common goal of assisting children, women and families in need in Vietnam. We strive to insure that every dollar is spent wisely and with purpose to produce the maximum benefit for the children.

  • Annetta De Vet, Executive Director

  • Pham Anh Dao, Country Manager 

  • Ngo Thuy Hanh, Wheelchair Distribution Program Manager

  • Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Community and Family Intervention Manager 

  • Tran Thu Thao, Community Development Project Coordinator

  • Nguyen Thi Van Khanh, Donor Relations and Donations Coordinator 

  • Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, Social Worker, Blossom Program 

  • Dao Thu Dieu Linh, Social Worker, Blossom Program 

  • Tran Thi Ly, Program Assistant

Board of Directors: 

  • Michelle Kramer, Chairwoman since 2020, board member since 2017

  • Maria Durnbaugh, President since 2020, board member since 2016

  • Roxane Svoboda, Vice President, Treasurer since 2018, board member 2002

  • Linda Bui, board member since 2011

  • Katie Hughes, board member since 2020 

  • Tran Thi Minh Thu (Svoboda), board member since 2015

  • Paul Lennen, board member since 2019

  • Keith Letsinger, board member since 2018

  • Ashley Steyfriend (Nguyen), board member since 2022