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Our Mission

HSCV provides Vietnam’s most vulnerable groups with the opportunities, tools, and resources to build a better future.


Empowering Children - Equipping Families - Transforming Communities


Blossom Program for girls

Providing adolescent girls with tools and resources that are lacking in their lives

Through interventions that include soft-skill development, educational support and creating a support system, this program is helping to create a brighter future for girls.

This year the Blossom Program is expanding into new communities to reach more girls than ever before. 


We strive for a Vietnam where children can learn and thrive without fear, hunger or exploitation... where the rights of women and children are protected and their voices are heard... where homes and communities across Vietnam have access to the resources they need to chart safe, productive futures.

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Investing in the future, one girl at a time


 Women learning how to invest in the their families' future


 Individualized support building the capacity of families

Explore the beginnings of the organization and how we are making a difference

The new school year is here and these children need your help to stay in school

Discover what you can do to make an direct impact