Our Mission

HSCV provides Vietnam’s most vulnerable groups with the opportunities, tools, and resources to build a better future.

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The new school year is here and these children need your help to stay in school

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The Blossom House

The Blossom House provides girls in need with health care, education and emotional support, providing much needed stability in their daily lives. By addressing the challenges and struggles faced by girls in Vietnam, we encourage young women to become capable and strong members of the community and identify their individual strengths.

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This year's Give to the Max Day was our most successful ever! 

Together we raised $14,225 to support the children and women of Vietnam.

$6000 in matching funds were fully matched thank to contributions big and small from individuals around the world, proving we are stronger together. 

The funds raised will be used to support the girls at the Blossom House, keep children in school and provide education and earning opportunities  to women struggling to support women struggling  to support their families. 

If you missed on on this year's event there is always time to make a difference. Choose a program that rings true to you and start making a difference before year end.