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Not having enough money shouldn’t be the reason a child quits school
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When Huong was little her father passed away leaving her mother, Trang, as the sole supporter of the family. School isn’t free in Vietnam and despite wanting to provide her children with an education and a chance at a better future, paying the fees for both of the children became a struggle. On top of laboring in the fields, Trang raised pigs, and found part-time work as a laborer carrying brick and sand on building sites. No matter how diligently she worked, the wages she earned were barely enough to cover the school fees for Huong and her son Nam. It wasn’t long before this difficult work began to take a toll and her health deteriorated.

Most stories like Huong’s follow a similar path.. The bills  continue to stack up while the family’s house falls into disrepair. Huong and Nam would eventually have no choice but to drop out of school. They would begin working on the fields or be forced to look for work away from home in the large cities, or in a factory with subpar working conditions while being vulnerable to human traffickers.  

Huong’s story changed when a donor stepped up and became a sponsor. Huong stayed in school until she graduated and then went on to college.  She has since graduated from Teaching Training College and has accepted a teaching position in her hometown. Her life has been transformed from one constrained by rice fields to one committed to the classroom and educating others who are facing similar financial struggles.

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Become a sponsor today if you agree that money shouldn’t be an obstacle to receiving an education and having a future. 

With a Child Sponsorship your monthly donation of $15 will be used to help a child reach their dreams through education. Each child will receive support tailored to their needs such as support with school fees, supplies, textbooks or a new uniform. 

All too often, a scholarship on its own isn’t enough to keep a child in school. Even with support for educational costs, some children will still drop out of school so they can begin contributing their family’s income. With a Household Sponsorship your monthly donation of $20 will be put towards customized support for a family based on their needs, capacity and location. 

Start your sponsorship with a monthly donation of $15 (education), $20 (household support) or $35 (education & household support).

Or if you prefer, make a yearly contribution of $180 (education), $240 (household support) or $420 (education & household support)

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Back to school packs 

Whether you’re currently a sponsor or want to give a one-off gift, our Back-to-School Packs give you the opportunity to provide a child with an extra boost get the school year off to a great start. Each pack will be tailored for each child.


Back to School Option A: $35 – This basic package includes essential school supplies such as textbooks, notebooks, and stationary

Back to School Option B: $50 – This package includes all the items from Option A plus a pencil case and a backpack

Back to School Option C: $75 – This package includes everything from A & B plus specialized supplies tailored to the grade level of the student, such as mathematical tool kits, required literature, or a calculator etc.  



A Sponsorship with HSCV is a great way for donors to make a personal connection with a child in need.
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How do I become a sponsor?

For just $15 a month you can help keep a child in school with a scholarship and for an extra $20 a month you can help ensure their family has the means to keep their children in school.  

Can I donate annually? 

Yes! If you prefer to send your donation in one lump sum you can adjust the donation amount at checkout. Just add a note to your donation to let us know how to use your gift. Our team will send you a reminder to help you renew your support. 


What can I expect once I become a sponsor?

Once you sign up to be a sponsor, you receive information about a child and a few months later you will receive a personal thank you letter from a child benefiting from your gift. 


Does my donation go directly to that child I am sponsoring?

Yes and no. Your sponsored child /family is guaranteed support thanks to your donation. But we may also use part of your donation to support other children and families that don’t have a sponsor. This allows us to ensure that support is getting to those most in need and that it is being provided in an equitable manner. 


Don’t want to donate via PayPal?

No problem, we have many donation options available, including; bank transfer, check, or follow this link to our giving page on GiveMN. Send us an email and we’ll be happy to guide you. 


Can I make additional gifts to the child/family I am sponsoring?

Yes. Throughout the year we will open our Sponsor Store so you can send special gift to your sponsored families. Check our Sponsor Store for current gift options.  


Can I give a sponsorship as a gift to a friend or family member?

Yes, of course!


Reach out and put a smile on the face of a child, extend that smile to your loved ones by donating in their name. All donations can be gifted to a loved one. Instead of giving conventional gifts (does Dad really need another tie?). Why not donate in his name to a child in need? We will happily send your gift directly to your loved one or you can choose to pass it along yourself.


Have more questions? 

If you have questions about our how sponsorships works or would like to be introduced to a child on our waiting list before you make your donation, please contact our sponsorship team at hscv.sponsorships@hscv.org