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The HSCV Sponsorship Program is a great way for those desiring a more personal connection with a child in need!

When you choose to become a sponsor, you will receive information about a specific child benefiting from your support. In addition, you will receive a personal thank you letter from your child. If you like you can build a relationship through letters and photos, but it is not required. You are invited to send up to 3 letters or packages per year per sponsorship.

If you choose an annual sponsorship our team will contact you once a year to request a renewal of your sponsorship. Sponsors, and prospective sponsors, are invited to visit the children and families through our visitor options. For additional information about HSCV’s Direct Sponsorship programs please contact us at:

Monthly donation options:

It’s now easier than ever to become a sponsor with monthly donations. For as little as $10 a month you can help keep a child in school with a scholarship (grades 1-12). You can also choose to support a student with vocational or college studies for $25 a month.

For just $27 a month you can support a whole family and keep their child in school. We will tailor the support your family receives based on their specific needs and capacity. This may include scholarships for their children, monthly subsidies or even the donation of chickens or fruit trees to supplement their income.

Set up monthly donations at a level that is right for you. 

Additional Sponsorship Options:

Yearly sponsorships can be given for $120 per scholarship and $200 per family. We also number of one-time donations options including:

·        Send a child to school for $120 USD a year

·        Support a family for year for $200 USD

·        Send a child to school and sponsor their family for a year for $320 USD

·        Build a new home for $3000 USD

·        Donate to our family assistance general fund and we'll get tailored to a family in need 

If you have questions about any of these options or would like to be introduced to a child on our waiting list before you make your donation, please contact our sponsorship team.

Pick and choose your sponsorship package and send us a note with your preferences. 

Can I make additional gifts to the child/family I am sponsoring?

Yes.  If you are looking to give something extra, such as toys, or practical items such as blankets, options are available to do so. Click here to learn more.


Can, I give a sponsorship as a gift to a friend or family member?


Yes, of course!

Reach out and put a smile on the face of a child, extend that smile to your loved ones by donating in their name. All donations can be gifted to a loved one. Instead of giving conventional gifts (does Dad really need another tie?). Why not donate in his name to child in need? We will happily send your gift directly to your loved one or you can choose to pass it along yourself.

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