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Providing disabled people with more independent, dignified lives with access to more opportunities through mobility

Providing wheelchairs to disabled people of all ages, particularly those from poor families in rural areas. The provision of wheelchairs is essential for disabled individuals and their families, as it helps them to become more independent and mobile. Not only does it make it increase mobility and take part in daily life, but it also can help to reduce their risk of injury and falls. In addition, having a wheelchair can help to reduce the strain and stress on family members who may be caring for the disabled individual.


This support is critical, especially for those from poor families in rural areas. Access to a wheelchair can be the difference between a life of independence and mobility, and a life of isolation and poverty. HSCV is committed to providing disabled people with the care and support they need to live a life of dignity and opportunity.

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Your contribution will have a significant impact on their lives.


  • For a $100 donation, you will receive two inspiring stories about the beneficiaries who have benefited from your generosity. These stories will be accompanied by meaningful images from wheelchair distribution events.

  • With a $200 donation, you will receive five heartfelt stories that demonstrate the transformative power of your contribution, along with photos from the distribution. These stories will provide a deeper understanding of how your support has changed lives and brought hope to those in need.

  • Donations of $500 and above will receive impactful images and a comprehensive report detailing how your generous donation has been utilized. This report will outline the specific ways in which your contribution has supported the Wheelchair Distribution Program, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  • For organizational donations, we will create social media posts recognizing your organization and invite you to join us at project sites, where you can witness the happiness and gratitude of wheelchair recipients.


The gift of a wheelchair is a gift of renewed hope

The Wheelchair Distribution Program plays a crucial role in enabling people with disabilities in Vietnam to achieve self-reliance in mobility, education, and employment. Your support directly contributes to their integration into the community and improves their overall quality of life. By empowering
individuals with disabilities, you are also relieving the burdens faced by tens of thousands of their relatives, creating positive economic impacts, and fostering a stronger, more inclusive community.

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