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Waiting Children

Our waiting list of children in need is ever growing. The list below is a small sample of children in need of support. If you would like to sponsor a specific child please refer to their code at the time of payment. We have changed their names to protect their identity. If the child already has a sponsor we will suggest another child for you. Contact us with any questions.

BV 0146.png

There are 4 people in this family: the grandparents and their 2 grandsons. The two little boys, "Hung" and "Minh" completely depend on their grandparents but both grandparents are in poor health condition. With the grandparents’ poor health condition, there is no way to generate sustainable income for the family to send the two boys to school.

After finding themselves without parents at such a young age, the two boys are forced to replace their primary parental figures and depend on their grandparents, whose age and health are damaging their capacity of care for Hung and Minh. As education is essential to one’s growth, the children are in need of scholarships to help them grow and seize their right to learn, to perhaps one day, step out of poverty.

A scholarship for each boy can be provided with $10 a month or $120 a year. Add on school supplies for an extra $30. Use family code BV_0146 when requesting to support Hung or Minh.  Be come a sponsor below. 


In the family, the mother, Lan, is the breadwinner. Ky, the father, suffers from severe arthritis that prevents him from working. Recently his health has deteriorated, and he has a lot of problems with his lungs, though he cannot afford to go to the doctor to get this checked. In 2006, the mother, Lan was working as an assistant in a construction site when bricks fell and broke her leg. To save money she only used traditional herbal medicine. Five years later the pain became unbearable and Lan had to borrow 35 million VND ($1520) to pay for surgery to fix her broken leg. To help the family, Lan used to work at a local pig farm, but due to her health and the health of her sick husband she had to quit this job. She now works as much as her body allows her as a farmer and she cannot afford to pay back the debt from her surgery. The family is on the brink of poverty.


The eldest child, Kien was excellent in his schooling. He was awarded certificates for excellent academic work every year. Kien is now a second-year student of Veterinary Science at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Graduating with this degree from this university would really help Kien be able to get a good job to help his family pay back some of their debts and try and escape poverty.



Kien is need of a Post High School Scholarship and a donation of $25 a month or $300 a year will help Kien stay on a path to success. Provide Kien with school supplies to help get him started for $30. Use family code BV_0120 when supporting this student.

BV_0081_Hoa in school uniform_edited.jpg

The family is among the poorest households in their commune, and life became harder for them when the father deceased from a work accident in 2015. When he was alive, he borrowed 40 million VND ($1,725 USD) to open a woodshop, but now the family has not been able to pay back the debt.


The family of five live in a small house which is poorly furnished. They grow rice on their farmland which is about 1000 sqm and rice harvested from that is only enough for the family to eat for 5 months every year. The mother earns a living by doing any part-time jobs that she can find including crop planting and animal waste clearing. The family also raises a cow for extra income.


The daughter, Hoa, is taking a cooking course after finishing high school. A scholarship allowing her to study cooking after high school would really help the family. After learning this trade, Hoa will then be able to work in a restaurant and bring in some additional income to help her family.

Hoa is need of a Post High School Scholarship and school supplies. A donation of $25 a month or $300 a year will help Hoa stay on a path to success an additional $30 will provide her with new school supplies. Use family code BV_0081 when supporting this student.


The mother, Tham is the main bread winner and she sells fruit in the local market to make daily ends meet since the father, At, left home to go to the south in order to evade debt owners after his business went to a bankruptcy. They are in a lot of debt now and they can’t afford to pay it back. Furthermore, Tham also has to support a mentally handicapped elder, who is an older brother of the father.

Dung and Doai are good students. They need help to continue their educational journey.


With your sponsorship, Doai and Dung will be able to continue going to school. Your support will be greatly appreciated to help Doai and Dung achieve their dreams and strive for a brighter future!

A scholarship for each child can be provided with $10 a month or $120 a year. Both children also need new school supplies. Use family code HD_0007 when requesting to support Doai and Dung. 


Khanh has been suffering from immune deficiency disease ever since he was born. He is also suffering from Bell's Palsy, Melanoma in his ears, TB, a facial disorder, a disorder in his right leg, and he is deaf in his left-ear. He is also in need of a bone marrow transplant. He has to go to many different hospitals for his different treatments. He has had a rough life because of his numerous medical conditions and his family cannot afford all his medical bills. The majority of his healthcare fees are paid for by the authorities, the hospitals, charity organizations, and sponsors.

Through all of this Khanh still tries to attend school to learn, though his family struggles to pay for his educational fees.


With your scholarship sponsorship, Khanh can go to school with his peers and attend classes like a normal child. With his poor health conditions since birth and after braving through 6 intense surgeries, Khanh still maintains his drive to learn, despite all the challenges.

A scholarship can be provide to Khanh for only $10 a month or $120 a year. For only $30 Khanh will also receive new school supplies. Use HD_0023 when requesting to become Khanh's sponsor  


Mr. Phu and his wife Mrs. Linh are both poor farmers. They were born into poverty and it has followed them to the present day. Because of their poverty, they could not afford to go to school, meaning they never learned to read or write. This is the never-ending cycle of poverty. Any extra money they do earn is from selling products on the side.

Mr. Phu’s mother has been living with the family ever since his father passed away. However, she is now old and weak so she cannot work very much. To help this family, the government supported them with money to build a new house, as their previous one was not big enough for 3 adults and 2 children. Nevertheless, the new small house still does not have a bathroom or toilet, leading to unsanitary conditions.

Phong has been a part of our sponsorship program since 2014, but unfortunately, he doesn't have a current scholarship sponsor. His family has been receiving a monthly allotment of rice donations since 2014. To continue his education, Phong is in need of a scholarship which costs $120 and a school supplies which costs $30. Use family code KT_0082 to become Phong's sponsor. 


Giang is the middle child in a family of five, and her father and her younger brother are both mentally disabled. Her father, Hieu, is not able to work so her mother, Linh, has the difficult task of providing for the family by herself. She works hard growing rice on their farmland but the two crops she harvests every year are not enough to feed the family of five. The family does receive a small amount of welfare from the government each month.

Earlier this year Giang received a new bicycle from HSCV donors. It has helped her to get to school independently and to be punctual.


However, Giang is in need of a scholarship in order to be able to continue her education. It would be a big relief to the family to know that despite their difficulties Giang will get an education and have hope for a brighter future.

Use family code TT_0002 to provide Giang with a scholarship for $10 a month or $120 a year. With a donation of $30 you will provide Giang with new school supplies. 


My is a 10th grade student living in a rural area outside of Hanoi. Her father Tien is disabled, but he operates a small shop working as an electrician with the help of his relatives. My’s mother, Hang, farms rice on their small plot of land and works as a seamstress when the shop hires her for small tasks. The family works very hard because they want to cover the costs of their two children to attend school as well as to pay for their living expenses.

My is a good student, and she hopes to receive help to continue her education. Before she received a bicycle, she could not attend class independently, but now she has a reliable way to get there on time. However, she is still in need of a scholarship to ensure she can continue learning for another year.


With your sponsorship, My will be given a scholarship to carry on studying and strive for a brighter future. My enjoys going to school each day and we hope that circumstances won’t take that away from her. Your support is greatly appreciated by My and her family!

My needs a scholarship and new school supplies. Use family code TT_0004 when requesting to be My's sponsor. 

Become a sponsor of success today!

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