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Visitor Options

Visitors are welcome to join the HSCV Team at our project and program sites. There are several visitor options depending on your interest, time and visit dates. Visits are required to cover all costs associated with their visits. If not already a donor we encourage all visitors to make a donation at the time of their visit. Without donations HSCV is unable to do our important work and we will not be able to accommodate visitors in the future.

To ensure donations are spent in an appropriate manner all donations should be given directly to HSCV representatives. Thank you for understanding.

Visits should not be regarded as a tourist activity, as the families and children you will visit are truly in need of support. 

To adhere to our child and client protection policies, at no time should contact information be shared with members in HSCV programs. Additionally, an HSCV Team member must be present during interactions with recipients.

Sponsor Visits – This is a wonderful option and opportunity for sponsors. Sponsors are invited to meet their sponsored children/families. Learn firsthand how families live and the impact your support has on their daily lives. It is truly a wonderful way to understand the significance of your contribution. It also a great way for families to express their gratitude.

Please allow a full day for the trip, it typically takes between 1.5 – 2.5 hours to travel to villages where the families live. The HSCV team will assist in making all arrangements and will accompany you on your trip. Visitors are responsible for transportation costs.

Not a sponsor yet? Please follow this link for more information about our Sponsorship options.

Blossom House for girls – To maintain the privacy and safety of the girls in the home, visits are limited, please contact HSCV for visit information.

Visit the HSCV Office – Contact us if you’d like to meet with an HSCV Team Member to learn more. Appointments are advised and highly appreciated!

Send an email to to schedule your visit. We cannot guarantee that we can meet your needs as a visitor, but we will do our best to make your visit to Viet Nam and HSCV meaningful and memorable.

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