What is #TheBlossomEffect?

When a young girl can feel free from danger and fall asleep without fear, she feels the Blossom Effect.

When she receives emotional and physical support to help her recover from past traumas, she feels the Blossom Effect.

When she can rely on hot nutritious meals and regular doctor’s appointments, she feels the Blossom Effect.

When she is given the opportunity to go to school and thrive, she feels the Blossom Effect.

When she can smile at the friends that she has made for life, she feels the Blossom Effect.

When YOU support the Blossom House funding campaign and empower our girls, YOU feel the Blossom Effect.


We need $30,000 to reach our goal

About our 2019 campaign:

It is our 5th year of fundraising to support Blossom House and it may be our most important year yet.

Thanks to your generous support over these past five years, we’ve been able to provide our girls with a safe home full of love and warmth. However, many of the larger donors have changed their priorities which means that there are less funds available to meet our daily needs. 

That’s where you come in.

During the months of October and November, our goal is to raise $30,000 (USD)  in funds.

Unless we raise enough funds to cover our rent, electricity bills and to pay the salaries of our dedicated team of social workers, we may be forced to close our doors in 2020. And that’s a situation we never want our girls to face.


How you can help:

  • DONATE One-time donations and monthly donors are the number way to help our girls. Our monthly donations are integral to the running of Blossom House and help us to properly plan our budget for food, electricity, schooling, medical needs and rent. They can also mean a special present for a young girl - a bicycle, a paint set or a trip to the cinema. 100% of these donations go directly to assisting the girls and should donations exceed the current expenses, a special account will be established as a reserve. Hit donate to make a one time donation or set up monthly recurring donations. 


  • HOST a #TheBlossomEffect event:
    Get your friends in the spirit of giving by hosting your very own Blossom House event; organize a spoken word poetry night, host a painting-for-charity event, plan an intimate musical evening or set up a sporting event. By spreading the word and raising funds, you are helping to ensure the Blossom House remains a safe and secure home for our girls. Please email us at hscv.info@hscv.org  and we'll help you get your party going by sending you photos and brochures to use at your event. In every case, upload any photos on social media from your event with the hashtag #TheBlossomEffect. 

  • ATTEND and SUPPORT a #TheBlossomEffect event or online fundraiser.

  • MATCHING FUNDS Keep an eye out for matching funds throughout the Blossom Effect. It's a great way to double your impact! 

  • GIVE TO THE MAX DAY We raised $10,285 USD in just 24 hours. Thanks to everyone who chipped in and made a difference!  


At Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam, we are dedicated to investing in and providing opportunity and knowledge to the children and their families of Vietnam with the belief that education and wellness are fundamental ingredients in the fight for a better tomorrow.

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