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The Blossom Effect


What is the Blossom House?

The Blossom House is a home for girls in need of a safe space to live, heal, and grow. Girls in the home are provided with a holistic care that includes mental and physical health, access to education, and plenty of love and much needed attention.


What is The Blossom Effect?

  • It is the first time she is comfortable enough to smile as she settles into the home

  • It is the steps she takes as she returns to school for the first time in more than a year

  • It is when she feels comfortable enough to open up and share her story with others

  • It seeing her confidence build day by day

  • It continues as she walks on a new path as leaves the home


Thanks to donors from around the world The Blossom House has been supporting girls for 9 years. But donations in 2020 have been inconsistent and donations from organizations and companies have been declining for the past few years. We need support from individuals that believe in our work now more than ever. We need to raise $25,000 just to make ends meet for 2020 and the funds we raise during this time are crucial.

That’s where you come in.

We need your help with raising funds and getting the word out. We need to raise enough funds to cover our rent, electricity bills and to pay the salaries of our dedicated team of social workers.  

If we don't reach our goal we may be forced to close our doors in 2021. And that’s a situation we never want our girls to face.\

How you can help


One-time donations and monthly donors are the number way to help our girls. Our monthly donations are integral to the running of Blossom House and help us to properly plan our budget for food, electricity, schooling, medical needs and rent. They can also mean a special present for a young girl - a bicycle, a paint set or a trip to the cinema. 100% of these donations go directly to assisting the girls and should donations exceed the current expenses, a special account will be established as a reserve. Hit donate to make a one time donation or set up monthly recurring donations. 

MATCHING FUNDS Keep an eye out for matching funds throughout the Blossom Effect. It's a great way to double your impact! So far $2,000 in funds have been matched and there are currently $6000 in matching funds available for all donations made to HSCV. Set up a recurring donation to TRIPLE your donation! 

Join us on Give to the Max Day:  

Make a donation of any size during between November 1st - 19th for a chance of winning a bonus donation of $500, $1,000 or $10,000 for the Blossom House. Follow our efforts and share your support. 

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Help us reach our  $25,000 goal

$6000 matching funds available for all donations made to HSCV in November!

HOST a #TheBlossomEffect event:
Get your friends in the spirit of giving by hosting your very own Blossom House event; organize a spoken word poetry night, host a painting-for-charity event, plan an intimate musical evening or set up a sporting event. By spreading the word and raising funds, you are helping to ensure the Blossom House remains a safe and secure home for our girls. Please email us at  and we'll help you get your party going by sending you photos and brochures to use at your event. In every case, upload any photos on social media from your event with the hashtag #TheBlossomEffect. 

ATTEND and SUPPORT a #TheBlossomEffect event or online fundraiser. Check back for event updates!

Blossom Effect Events 

Tao Creative 2021 Calander

Tao Creative Calendar (165,000 vnd) 30% of sales will support the Blossom House when purchased from HSCV, Red River Tea Room or Better World Contact us for more details

Drag Bingo

Drag Bingo for the Blossom House November 6, 2020 Tay Ho, Ha Noi $936.95 Raised!

Her Burleaque show

November 6, 2020 Tay Ho, Ha Noi HER Burlesque Show its all about female empowerment and honoring women's sexuality through arts, music and dance! $400.86 Raised!

GTMD20_square__full on green

November 19, 2020 Join the 24 hour giving event to support our girls and a chance to win bonus funds for the Blossom House.

HIS Logo

October 29, 2020 Visit our table at the HIS Community Fair. Purchase a Blossom House notebook to support our girls. $85 Raised!

Blossom Quiz at Red River

October 3, 2020 Join us for a fantastic Red River quiz accompanied by a raffle with prizes from some of the best businesses in Hanoi! $370 Raised!

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