2020 Year of the Rat

Tết Nguyên Đán, more commonly known by its shortened name Tết, is the most important and popular holiday and festival in Vietnam. It is the Vietnamese New Year marking the arrival of spring based on the Lunar calendar. The name Tết Nguyên Đán is Sino-Vietnamese for Feast of the First Morning. The dates of Lunar New Year differs every year but it generally takes place around late January or February. This upcoming year Tet will be celebrated on 25th of January. This year Tet marks the start of the year of the Rat.


Fun Fact: According to the traditional opinion, people in the year of the Rat have the vitality, persistence, intelligence, agility and bravery. People in the year of the Rat are optimistic, happy and they do not easily get depressed no matter what the difficult circumstances and always fight for their lives.


Vietnamese people have an annual custom. When the year ends and Tet is coming, no matter what they do or where they are, they return home for three days of Tet. During this time, they pray under the ancestral altar and look back at their home and family tombs, reliving the fond memories of where they were born. They celebrate new year with their family, visit their relatives and friends as well as participate in many activities during this holiday.

One of the most important activities during Tet is giving Li xi (Lucky money) for children and elders.


In celebration, we are offering gift packs to help families start the year off “lucky.” All gifts are designed to help our families celebrate Tet while providing practical tools they will need to have a great start to the year. Gifts will be customized to each family’s individual needs. Tet gifts are a great way to support a family you already sponsor, but if you are not already a sponsor and want to help out, we will choose a deserving family from our list to receive your Tet gift.

Here are this year's Tet gift options. Can also add "Lucky Money" to your gift by adding $5 at check out to any option.

Option A - $20, Traditional Tet Pack - several Bánh chưng (glutinous rice cakes) or sticky rice and mung bean cake and/or, giò (Vietnamese sausage), and sweet Tet candies.

Option B - $30, Daily Supplies Pack – A package of daily supplies including toothpaste, toothbrushes, washing powder, soap, shampoo and towels, and Tet candies.


Option C - $40, Home Supply Pack – 1 Blanket and 2 pillows or other household needs requested by the family (pots, pans, teapots, bowls, and plates), and Tet candies.


Option D - $50, Tet Celebration Pack – Rice cooker or other kitchen equipment requested by the family plus cooking basics (including items such as fish sauce, sugar, and salt), several Bánh chưng (glutinous rice cakes) or sticky rice and mung bean cake and/or, giò (Vietnamese sausage), and Tet candies.  

You'll be able to enter any amount at checkout and include a note with your donation. Please add your family code if you have/know it.

Happy Year of the Rat!

At Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam, we are dedicated to investing in and providing opportunity and knowledge to the children and their families of Vietnam with the belief that education and wellness are fundamental ingredients in the fight for a better tomorrow.



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