2021 Year of the Ox

Another year has passed, and Vietnam is heading into the most festive time of the year, "Tet Nguyen Dan". Based on the Lunar Calendar, it’s the most important and traditional Vietnamese holiday. Tet 2021 welcomes the start of the year of the Ox and will be celebrated on February 12th. 

Fun fact: Year of the Ox is a year that has many meanings for Vietnamese people. The Ox's image is associated with the life of farmers, becoming a symbol of rice civilization with an idiom "The Ox goes first, the plow follows". The Ox is a symbol of gentleness, industriousness, hard work, honesty, and those born in the year of the Ox have the "characteristics" of calm, patient, steadfast, have high will and trustworthiness. They are the ones who achieve success through hard work.

During Tet, Vietnamese gather with their families, enjoy traditional dishes, visit their relatives and pay tribute to their ancestors. One of the most important activities during Tet is giving Li xi (Lucky money) for children and elders.

The global spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the poorest in Vietnam the most. The lasting effects of strict and complete closures markets, business, and schools earlier in the year are having lasting impacts on families. This year’s Tet gifts have extra meaning as families strive to make positive start of the year by welcoming the Year of the Ox with a bit of extra luck.


Here are this year's Tet gift options. Can also add "Lucky Money" to your gift by adding $5 at check out to any option.

*Donate by January 28th to ensure the Tet Packs can be delivered by Tet. 

Option A - $20, Traditional Tet Pack - several Bánh chưng (glutinous rice cakes) or sticky rice and mung bean cake and/or, giò (Vietnamese sausage), and sweet Tet candies.

Option B - $30, Daily Supplies Pack – A package of daily supplies including toothpaste, toothbrushes, washing powder, soap, shampoo and towels, and Tet candies.


Option C - $40, Home Supply Pack – 1 Blanket and 2 pillows or other household needs requested by the family (pots, pans, teapots, bowls, and plates), and Tet candies.


Option D - $50, Tet Celebration Pack – Rice cooker or other kitchen equipment requested by the family plus cooking basics (including items such as fish sauce, sugar, and salt), several Bánh chưng (glutinous rice cakes) or sticky rice and mung bean cake and/or, giò (Vietnamese sausage), and Tet candies.  

You'll be able to enter any amount at checkout and include a note with your donation. If your sending a gift to a particular family please add your family's code if you have/know it.

If you aren't currently sponsoring a family we will send your gifts to the most needy family on our list. 

All donors will receive a photo of your gift being giving to the family. 

Please send your gifts by January 28th to ensure delivery in time for Tet! 

Happy Year of the Ox!