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Successful Sponsorship Stories

Real people - Real impact


"Cham" is the oldest sister in a family of nine people. The main source of income for the family is rice cultivation, but this does not provide enough to feed the family for a year. Cham’s father occasionally finds part-time jobs at construction sites unloading equipment and materials and hauling bricks. Her mother earns around two dollars per day selling vegetables at the local market.

The parents were planning for Cham to finish 9th grade and then quit school to find a job to support the family, but her story changed completely in 2012 when Cham was in the 6th grade. Since that time, financial and nutritional support from HSCV has alleviated the family’s dire situation, and Cham has been supported with school tuition fees and supplies.


Cham studied very hard and passed the entrance exam for high school with a fairly high score and while in high school expressed the desire to become a doctor. With her determined efforts and the support from HSCV's donors, Cham passed the entrance exam to the Vietnam University of Traditional Medicine in 2019. She has now finished her first year at university and is planning to become a cardiologist.

*Names has been changed to protect identities

Education is a key

"My" was raised in a farming family. Her parents worked hard all year round to provide for My and her three younger brothers and sisters. The family's main income came from growing rice and vegetables, which was barely enough to meet their basic needs, let alone pay for school fees.


The family’s situation became even more difficult in 2013 when My’s father passed away from lung cancer. All of the burdens were put on the shoulders of My’s mother, who suffers from periodic depression. She had to drop out of school to help her mom care for her younger siblings. Although she was encouraged by her teachers and friends to resume her education, the problem of school fees prevented this.


The situation changed dramatically in 2015 when HSCV began to provide financial support. My was then able to put all of her efforts into her education. "I was so happy to accept the help from HSCV and my sponsor.” She completed her high school education and passed the college entrance exam. Thanks to continued support from HSCV and her sponsor, My is now in her final year of university with a dream of helping her family toward self-reliance. 

*Names has been changed to protect identities


Become a sponsor today to support the dreams of a child and them take a step toward a brighter future. 


Already a sponsor? Today is a great day to renew your commitment to your child.​​

  • Scholarship: A gift of $120 a year or $10 a month provides a scholarship to send a needy child to school for a year​

  • Post High School Scholarship: A gift of $300 provides a scholarship to send a needy student to college for a year - $25 per month.

  • School Pack: A gift of $30 provides a child with the basic supplies to go back to school.

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