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Through skills training the women learn how to use everyday materials to grow or create products using environmentally friendly techniques to increase their household income. Specific trainings are tailored to each location’s needs.

After completing the training, women can apply for small loans or grant to put their new skills to use. The loans are returned to a revolving community fund and other members can apply for loans.

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Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself and his family; teach a women the skills to build a small business and she can lift her family out of poverty.


When women generate their own income, lives change, and great things can happen for their families. 


Through the Women’s Income Connection, candidates are offered training in small business management and are provided with the skills and financial resources needed to build a business of their own. But the Connection is more than just skills training; women make connections, build business and personal relationships, bolster self-their confidence and increase their autonomy. 


With support from the local Women’s Union, members of the Connection exchange personal stories and experiences as they progress through the program. These connections are the keys to higher success rates when starting a business.


The result is a community of women ready to invest emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially in their families' future. 


The impacts extend beyond women and their families; women share their knowledge and skills with others, and women who are engaged invest in their communities and inspire others to do the same. This change from within is a powerful tool for community development.  


Sustainable and environmentally friendly chicken farming techniques are taught by local experts in the field. 


After completing the training, women can apply to receive a grant for chicken stock feed and other inputs to kick-start their small business. The chickens are initially raised for the eggs and after several months can be sold in the local market for their meat. 

You can become an Impact Partner with an investment of just $240 ($20 monthly). With this donation we can provide a woman with a grant to start a business of her own.

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Mrs. Keo's Story

It has been two years since Mrs. Keo completed her training at HSCV. As an elderly single mother raising a school-age son, the family's financial situation was grim, owning only a solitary cow they rented for plowing fields. After participating in two training courses on effective income generation and business management, Keo was able to improve her situation by cultivating a fruit tree orchard and farming bean sprouts. Keo's small family has experienced very positive life changes as a result of the income generated by her efforts.


"I am very happy to receive this help from HSCV and to have had the opportunity to participate in the training course. I wish that I’d had these opportunities earlier, but when I attended the training, for the first time I had the right to speak up and ask questions, as well as the opportunity to interact with other women in our community. In addition to the lessons from the trainer, I have received a lot of valuable ideas from my classmates. This was really helpful to me, and I know that not everyone has these opportunities. Since the training sessions, I have successfully used agricultural models to increase my family’s monthly income. I look forward to the next training courses and offer my sincere thanks.” Ms. Keo.

Fruit tree grafting

Mrs. "Thanh" shows off her new fruit tree grafts that she learned during a recent training. Trainings focus on partial activities with minimal input costs to maximize profits.

Bucket of crabs

Mrs. Chi learned that crabs can be raised in a bucket. They grow quickly and can be sold after a few weeks.

New income activity

A woman from the program shows off her new piglets.

Applying for loans

Participants can apply for a small loan or grant once they have completed the training courses.

Mrs. Khuyen and her cow

Mrs. Khuyen saved enough money to purchase a cow. The cow will be used for labor and breeding.

Learning can be fun

Classes actively engage participants in fun and creative ways.

Legal training

During this training our participants learned about Vietnamese Land Law as well as Vietnamese Marriage and Family Law.

Legal Training

The participants obtained practical knowledge on common issues related to the discussed topics and after the information session, many had the chance to consult with legal experts on their personal legal problems. Many were excited for this opportunity.

Agriculture Training in

The Agricultural Training was one of our income generating training sessions that were designed to help project members reduce poverty and promote their economic activities.

Active Participation

The participants who were the most vocal/active in the training session received extra fertilizer to implement what they learned in the CLC.

Participants Gathered After Training

Participants and are proud of their growth this year.

HSCV Staff Interviewing Families

With the help of local NGO's our staff at HSCV interviewed 120 families to find 100 suitable candidates for our project.

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