Partners & Donors

Special thanks to our Partners and Donors who play an integral role in our work. Their assistance comes through funding, capacity building and direct project support, all of which are crucial in our success.

Abhe & Svoboda

Abhe and Svoboda Inc. is a long-time supporter of HSCV. Their vital funding provides a foundation for HSCV to operate and develop our programs.


Babonanum is a South Korean donor that provides funding for the Community POWER project. We feel honored to be the first non-Korean organization to receive funding from BBNN. This important project seeks to build community solutions that empower leaders as well as women from female-headed homes through Community Driven Development, rights training, skills training and access to health care.

The Right Hands

The Right Hands first began supporting HSCV programs in 2016. With a focus on children and families, they have been great supporters of our Family Assistance Program and helped to develop our Clean Water Project. The Right Hands also provides support to the Blossom House through funding and cultural exchanges.

100 Friends

100 Friends began supporting HSCV projects in 2006. The network of friends has supported several of our programs throughout the years. This includes building homes, providing numerous scholarships, family support, funding for the wheelchair program and the Blossom House for girls.

Free Wheelchair Mission

Free Wheelchair Mission is an amazing US-based organization that raises funds to build and ship wheelchairs to developing countries around the world. HSCV is FWM’s partner in Northern Vietnam. We have been proudly working side by side since 2006.

ILA Community Network

ILA Community Network began working with HSCV in 2017 by providing free English classes to the girls living in the Blossom House. Professional teachers work with the girls on a weekly basis, supporting them with both written and verbal English skills. They provide interactive and fun lessons tailored to the girls’ skill levels. In 2018, ILA plans to support some of our older students with a free course at their language centers. We look forward to growing this partnership and finding additional

Accounting for International Develop

Accounting for International Development (AfID) supports a broad range of non-profit organisations globally through the provision of volunteer accountants. Assignments from 2 weeks to 12 months form part of our ongoing commitment to build the financial management capacity of non-profit partners globally. AfID and their volunteers have supported more than 500 non-profit partners in 57 countries.

Hanoi International Women's Club

The Hanoi International Women's Club has supported various projects at HSCV off and on since 2013. Currently they are the major donor of one of our Community POWER projects, supporting women and community development.

The Hanoi International Fellowship

The Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF) has supported HSCV and the Blossom House yearly since 2017. HIF has helped with operational costs and is an integral part of helping us keep our doors open for our girls. We feel it is very important to have the support of our local community and appreciate the help from HIF.

Asian Women & Friends Hanoi

The Asian Women & Friends in Hanoi first supported our Family Assistance Program in 2012 & 2013. For 2019 and 2020 the Blossom House has been selected to receive support through their fundraising activities. We are excited to be working together once agian.

SIS Logo

Singapore International School (SIS) is operated by KinderWorld International Group. SIS provides a well-rounded education to both foreign and Vietnamese students from Pre-Nursery to University Foundation. SIS @ Gamuda Gardens, Hanoi has supported HSCV for many years through donation of students and parents to provide scholarship for disadvantaged children and Tet gifts to the needy families in the remote areas in Vietnam.