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Investing in a family's capacity and keeping children in school is integral to building a better future

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Starting with scholarships to supplement schooling costs, families receive the support they need to ensure that their children remain in the classroom.  From there we add individualized support for each family’s needs based on their needs and capacity.

Some families receive agricultural training to increase their harvest/ to learn how to cultivate high value crops while others receive training and assistance to  raise poultry or other livestock. Whenever possible, safe, sustainable and environmentally informed techniques are used. 

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There is no one size fits all solution and it takes a multifaceted approach where each family’s situation is taken into consideration.  Using an individualized approach we provide the tools families need to keep their children in school. 



Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself and his family; teach a women the skills to build a small business and she can lift her family out of poverty.

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Staying in school is key
Timely daily chores leave little time and energy for other tasks
Knowing she can feed her daughter is a relief
A bicycle can make all the difference
Fruit tree grafting
Bucket of crabs
New income activity
HSCV Staff Interviewing Families
Applying for loans
Mrs. Khuyen and her cow
When learning is fun...
Legal Training
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