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In March 2016, HSCV implemented the Cow Bank Initiative. The aim of this program is to help families develop sustainably, by providing them with the necessary funds to purchase an adolescent cow. The program has been implemented successfully in Khanh Thuong, a rural district to the northwest of Hanoi, where relatively poor soil quality and erosion issues due to the hilly topography makes farming difficult. The mountainous climate creates a suitable climate to bred cows and cow rearing is commonly practiced in the region making it the ideal place to pilot this exciting new initiative.


A young cow costs more than $800 on average. Through the initiative, HSCV provide families with around $600-$700 in a low interest loan; the family themselves provide the remaining $100 (approx). The households are expected to breed their cows within the first 2 years of the project. When the calves are between 6 - 8 months the households are expected to sell one of their cows and pay back their debt within 3 years of receiving the loan. The money returned to the project will be used to support another family with the purchasing of a young cow. At that point the family owns the original cow and any additional calves the cow has.


Additionally, each family is provided with training needed to raise and breed cows and veterinary assistance. Grant are provided to support building/renovating shelters as needed at an average cost of $250. These funds do not need to be paid back. The mature cows are used for breeding and farm labor. Cows too mature to breed will be sold for their meat. The funds received can then be used to purchase another cow and provide the family with additional income. This is a great opportunity for the families involved to improve their incomes and claim a degree of economic autonomy.


When you contribute funds to the CowBank you will receive a profile of the family and the cow you are sponsoring.


Level 1 - $15 a month

Level 2 – $30 a month

Level 3 - $50 a month

Contribution of any amount –


Once enough new donations added funds are returned to the bank a group new families will start the training process.

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