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COVID Relief Fund

Families can't cope with the loss on their own

After more than a year of keeping the COVID-19 virus at bay, the Delta variant has taken hold of much of Vietnam. Major parts of Vietnam continue to be in and out of isolation. People have lost their jobs, food prices have increased, and school hasn’t been in session for months. There no food banks, little extra support from the government, unemployment payments, or rent extensions or forgiveness. No longer able to work and without safety nets, families that were already struggling have become desperate. 

Your support is so important now and can go even further during this critical time in the world. Please consider contributing of $10, $20 or any amount that you can to help our children when they need it most. There is no time to waste, support will be provided to families as soon as it comes in.


Our commitment to providing support to poor families and the girls at the Blossom House remain and we are counting your support now more than ever.


The roll out of vaccines has begun but it is painfully slow and not enough to impede the largest outbreak to date. The only way out of this is to isolate infected communities until more vaccines arrive, which will be months if not a year or more away.

When the urgency has lifted, the many needs of the children will remain, and HSCV is here to continue the good fight! The children are counting on all of us.

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Help those most in need

A contribution to HSCV’s COVID relief fund of $25 will provide a family with immediate relief. Our team will work directly with each family and ensure they get the support they need the most, whether it’s food, medicine or other essentials. 

Make a donation of any size to our COVID-19 Relief fund and we will put your donation to use where it is most needed. 

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Become a sponsor of success 

As Vietnam continues to develop, staying is school has become crucial for entering the job market. A child who drops out of school often never returns, and helping a child stay in school is more important than ever.

A gift of a scholarship of $120 ($10 per month) will help a child stay in school for another year.

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Provide a child with essentials school supplies 

Students are required to not only pay school fees, but also buy textbooks, supplies and a uniform. With each donation of $30 a back-to-school pack will be provided to a child in need. Each pack will be filled with the specific essentials needed for a child to start the school year.

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Become a sponsor today

Directly support a family by becoming a sponsor. Your support will help a specific family with their greatest needs. It might mean support with health care costs, a monthly subsidy of rice or a brood of chickens. All support provided is individualized to the family's needs. 

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Keep the doors open for girls in need

Set up a recurring monthly donation of any size to help us cover the daily costs to operate the Blossom House. Friends of the Blossom House will receive regular updates on activities in the home. Regular donations help us know that the funds will be there when we need to pay bills, take the girls to the doctors, buy food or a new pair of shoes.

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