Community Supportors

The Ha Noi community never stops amazing us! 

Whether it's event sponsorship, prizes, location or services for the girls at the Blossom House, the community always comes through. Countless businesses have supported over events over the years, but the the following businesses have gone above and beyond to support HSCV year after year.

UNIS Hanoi

Emporium Hanoi

The Warehouse

Hanoi Social Club

Red River Tea Room

Peace Dental

Ninja Ink

Salong Blonde

Hanoi Slam

The Republic

BaoWow_Logo white

Anita's Cantina

Vietnam Star Automobile


At Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam, we are dedicated to investing in and providing opportunity and knowledge to the children and their families of Vietnam with the belief that education and wellness are fundamental ingredients in the fight for a better tomorrow.



Vietnam: (84-24) 3715 1263

USA: +1 (952) 447 3502


EIN - 41-2017760

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