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Blossom Stories

"Giang" was originally from Gia Lai, a province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. As a result of numerous family problems, she accompanied her mother to Hanoi and lived an itinerant life on the streets. This meant that Giang had to change schools frequently or miss school entirely.  


At the age of 15, Giang began to receive assistance from Blossom House, which provided her with a stable and safe living environment. She has had the opportunity to participate in vocational orientation sessions and improve her social skills. She had a dream of becoming a barista.

At the age of 17, Giang passed the barista/mixologist vocational course at KOTO Vocational Center. She put in a lot of effort to advance and complete the course in two years. Currently, Giang is employed at a restaurant in the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

Giang recalls, “The years living at Blossom House are really memorable times for me. I was cared for and supported by many people and had opportunities to go to school and attend vocational training. Now that I have graduated from the KOTO course I can live independently and take care of my mother. I will always think of Blossom House as my second home. Whenever I come back to visit, it is always a happy reunion.”

*Name has been changed to protect identity 


“Mai" has been with HSCV's Blossom House since the start of 2020. From early childhood, she had lived alone with her father in a 5m2 house. Her father is an unhappy man who is easily angered, and he exhibited violent behaviors toward little Mai.


Physically safe now, Mai has had difficulty completing her first-grade program. When she arrived at Blossom House, Mai could not read or write, and she had no faith in her ability to learn. In class, she was always withdrawn, avoiding her teachers and fellow students.


At Blossom House, Mai is working with our social worker and development assessment experts and is participating in one-to-one learning experiences and many other educational and social activities. After four months of effort, Mai is now able to memorize and match vocabulary words and perform basic math. Mai feels especially proud to be able to write her own name.


Currently, Mai is studying at a local primary school in Tay Ho District. She is happier and more sociable with her peers and exhibits more vitality and agility than ever before. We all hope for continued positive developments for Mai in the future.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.

Congratulations to Chi and Nga on your graduation from High School!

"Chi" is one of the first children to live at Blossom House. She lived with her single mother in Soc Son district of Hanoi, and agriculture was the main income source of the family. After a traffic accident, Chi's mother completely lost her ability to work, and at an early age Chi was at risk of dropping out of school in order to work.

In July 2011, Chi moved into Blossom House and started 4th grade. Through her years with us, Chi received psychological and educational support from the social work staff to help her continue attending school. At her young age, living away from her mother was not easy. The social work staff at Blossom House were like family, taking care of her when she was sick or had problems. While living at Blossom House, Chi always tried her best at school, and she completed year 12 as an excellent student and an exemplary class representative. During the holidays, she often returned home to visit her mother.

Chi always wanted to have a career to be able to help her family. In the 2019 school year, she passed the high school graduation exam and enrolled in the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture with the desire to become a veterinarian. She left Blossom House and moved into the college dorm to live and study. There is a long learning path ahead, but her continuing determination, we believe that Chi will reach her goal.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.


“Nga” was born in rural Ba Vi district, Hanoi. Her mother is blind. Nga and her mom are dependent on their relatives to cover their living expenses.

In the past, in order to make ends meet, Nga spent half of each day assisting her mother at local markets selling toothpicks. She spent the latter half of each day in school. When Blossom House learned of Nga’s situation, we welcomed her into our home, providing better living conditions, nutrition and health care, and assistance with continuing her education.

After finishing the 10th grade, Nga decided to return to Ba Vi to care for her mother, whose health had deteriorated. Blossom House staff agreed to assist Nga with this plan, and continued to cover her tuition fees from afar.

In her final school year, with a passion for creativity, Nga applied for an apprenticeship in multimedia technology at the FPT Polytechnic Practice College. On the 16th of September this year, Nga began her studies. Blossom House continues to support tuition fees for Nga, so that she can pursue her studies without worry, and become more independent in the future.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.

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