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Every Girl Deserves to Blossom

Since 2011, Blossom House has been supporting and nurturing girls, enabling them to lead lives that they never could have before.


Despite Vietnam’s fast growth, a large portion of its population continues to be marginalized. Girls are more likely than boys to be victims of child labor, trafficking, and adolescent marriage (UNICEF). Girls born to poor families are less likely to have access to education and learning materials and are more likely to be living with inadequate care.


The HSCV Blossom House for girls addresses these issues by providing holistic care for families living in extreme poverty or an abusive environment. Girls from ages 5 to 18 qualify for admittance. As of October 2020, Blossom House has supported 52 girls, 39 with long-term support and 13 girls with temporary/emergency support.


Our Mission


The girls are given access to health care, education and emotional support, providing much needed stability in their daily lives. By addressing the challenges and struggles faced by girls in Vietnam, we encourage young women to become capable and strong members of the community and identify their individual strengths.


The Girls


The girls are introduced to HSCV through a number of channels; the majority comes through HSCV’s outreach programs in rural communities. Others have been introduced to HSCV through organizations working with street children, victims of trafficking and domestic violence. Each girl’s situation is assessed and girls that qualify are invited to stay at the home. There is no time limit for staying at the home. A girl is allowed to stay as long as she stays in school (traditional or non-traditional) and must follow the house rules.




Our monthly costs are over $6000 for the house. The best way to help the girls is to donate to this cause. Your donation will go towards paying for everyday things such as education, healthcare, electricity bills, food and paying the salaries to our dedicated social workers. It can also mean a special present for a young girl - a bicycle, a paint set or a trip to the cinema. These gifts and everyday needs are what keep our girls happy and safe.

Become a Friend of the Blossom House by setting a monthly donation.  Sustaining monthly donations are very important for us, as they are regular; we can plan our budget and pay our bills. Should donations exceed the current expenses; a special account will be established as a reserve. Please also note, we don’t allow individual sponsorship as we want all the girls to feel equal.

Make a donation of $10, $20, $50 or more make it recurring donation to become a Friend of the Blossom House



Donated items are always welcome; especially new/not much used clothing, sanitary towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies and food. To ensure the gifts are appropriate, we ask that they are first given to HSCV staff who will then distribute to all the girls equally. Should we receive more gifts than necessary, they will be distributed to other needy children in our programs. No gift goes to waste.


For more information regarding gifts, contact




You can hold your very own Blossom House Tea Party to help us spread the word and help to raise funds. We will provide you with decorations, recipe ideas and tips to help you fundraise. If you would like to host an event like this, please email us to receive your free party pack. Be sure to upload any photos on Facebook from your event with the tag #TheBlossomEffect so we can see! You are also more than welcome to organize other events in our name to raise funds.